In Light of Current Events…

…Jim Macdonald and I have, in a spirit of reluctant responsibility, abandoned our tentative plans to attend this year’s Heliosphere convention, since we had so much fun at the last one. We hadn’t yet bought memberships or gotten a hotel room (we’d been planning to stay at a cheap offsite hotel for economy’s sake), which means at least we aren’t out any money. But the Tarrytown Doubletree is uncomfortably close to the hot spot in New Rochelle, and we don’t want to be the folks who bring the virus home with us to Colebrook, so there it is.

One thought on “In Light of Current Events…

  1. And no sooner do I post this, than I see on Facebook that the con has, in fact, been cancelled/postponed.

    I hope this doesn’t end the con permanently if they can’t work out something with the hotel. So many smaller or newer conventions work on a shoestring budget, and a setback of this magnitude could wipe one out.

    (The big, established conventions, the ones who’ve had time to build up an emergency war chest, will be in less danger. But dammit, I like the smaller cons — they’re like the conventions I first went to, back in the Dark Ages before the internet.)

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