No Kidding, It Was Cold Last Night.

The overnight low in our back yard was -27°F (that’s -32.8° Celsius, for those of you in metric climes.)

It was so cold in our kitchen that the water in our teakettle froze.

So cold, that taking the trash to the dump sounded like a good idea because it meant we could drive around in a well-heated Subaru Forester for a while. (If you live in a cold and snowy country, try to buy cars made in cold and snowy countries. The people who make them Understand.†)

Tonight’s supposed to be warmer, with a low of around 17 above. Which doesn’t sound warm, I suppose, until you realize that it’s about 44 degrees warmer than last night.

According to Google, the temperature in Hokkaido right now is 16°F, which is four degrees colder than I am.

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