What We’re Planning

(Unless something horrible and unexpected leaps out of the bushes at us beforehand — which has, alas, been known to happen.)

Anyway. We’re going to be attending the Heliosphere sf/fantasy convention in Tarrytown, NY, and while we’re at it we’re going to be tacking a day or so onto the trip to do what Jim Macdonald is referring to as The Major Andre Tour. All the sites associated with the unfortunate entanglement of Major John Andre (even his enemies liked him) with Benedict Arnold (even his friends thought he was a dick) are within a few miles of each other in the nearby area, so it seemed like an opportunity not to be missed.

Jim will undoubtedly be writing it all up for his blog when we’re done, so keep watching this space (or his space) for details.

We’ll be doing the Tour on the Friday before Heliosphere, working out of a base in Nyack. Jim has the itinerary all worked out, with GPS coordinates and everything — once a navigator, always a navigator, I suppose.

It should be fun.

3 thoughts on “What We’re Planning

  1. Oh, Tarrytown is gorgeous! My niece lives there, and I’ve visited several times. Beautiful country. I’ve got to admit, I tend to pay more attention to the Washington Irving references than the Andre/Arnold history–though that is definitely there, too, as you point out. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and the Old Dutch Church (which has its own cemetery) are also worth checking out, if you’ve never been and have time . . .

    1. We’re probably going to make a jog down to Patterson NJ after the con, to see the Fenian Ram (an early submarine.) These are all Macdonald’s old stomping grounds, so it’s a nostalgia trip as well.

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