Banned Books Week 2013

It’s going on right now.

To my knowledge, I’ve never had one of my books banned someplace.  I’ve also never been required reading anywhere on the K-12 level, which — based on the books which do make the American Library Association’s “most banned” list – appears to be one of the common ways to get on the book-banners’ radar.  Friends and colleagues of mine, though, have been banned, and referred to as “tools of Satan”, and had copies of their books burned in public . . . so, no, I don’t approve of book-banning one little bit.

My mother was a school librarian for years, and at one point she was tasked with writing up the guidelines for people who wanted the local school board to remove a book from the local system.  When she was done, I looked at what she had come up with and said to her, “You wanted to make this whole thing as difficult for them as possible, didn’t you?”

And she said, “Yes.”

I don’t believe there were any successful book challenges during her tenure.

(Librarians . . . bringing the awesome ever since somebody with money and an empty storeroom bought a bunch of clay tablets/papyrus scrolls/parchment codices and said to somebody else with a great deal less money and an organized mind, “Hey, you.  Watch over these for me, will you?”)

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