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Another take on the whole worldbuilding question:  Chuck Wendig’s 25 Things You Should Know about Worldbuilding.

(What have we been doing the past couple of days when I wasn’t posting?  Well, dealing with the mini-van hitting a moose halfway between here and Oxford, Maine.  Moose collisions . . . are a thing, up here.  Even a low-speed glancing collision, like this one was, can do some serious damage — there’s nothing quite like having something the approximate size and shape of a Hereford steer on stilts slamming into your windshield to put the capper on an otherwise perfect day.  But nobody was hurt, except maybe for the moose, which ambled off into the woods before its state of health could be ascertained, and the mini-van is repairable, so once the adrenaline has quit pumping, all will be well.)