Sultry Weather

Hot and humid, with thunderstorms happening in random places that aren’t here.

Not good weather for thinking, or for writing.  Summer in general isn’t.  Spring and fall are the best times, and the shoulders of winter.  Deep winter is almost as bad as summer, because (as I’ve said here at least once) the answer to “How warm can you keep a nine-room house with a full basement in deep snow country” is “Never quite warm enough.”

It could be worse–a couple of years ago at about this time, we were dodging the remnants of Hurricane Irene on its way up the Connecticut River Valley, on our way down to Massachusetts to return one of our two remaining offspring to college.  He attracts weird weather like that; when we moved him in for the first time as a mid-year transfer student, we ended up fighting our way through a massive snow storm that blanketed the east coast from Washington up through Maine.

Oh, well.  Back to work, heat or no heat.

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