Public Service Announcement

We interrupt your irregularly scheduled blog reading with a business-related announcement.  Related, that is, to my editorial and critique services (see the sidebar link for more info.)

After careful consideration, I’ve decided that as of 15 September I’m going to be slightly raising my basic-rate flat fee to $1500 for a line-edit and critique on a standard-weight novel.  Novellas and doorstops will remain separately negotiable.  And as before, I will also line-edit and critique a short story or the first chapter/first 5000 words of a novel for $100.

My reasons for doing this are twofold.  One is that the increased rate should, I hope, enable me to better strike a balance between the need to keep the household exchequer in a healthy-enough state, and the need to have sufficient time to work on my own contractual writing obligations.  The other is that I’ve done enough research into the going rates for editorial work to satisfy myself that even with the projected increase, my rate remains at the relatively inexpensive end of the scale.

I’m giving this one-month heads-up so that anyone who wants to take advantage of the old rate can do so; those pre-contracted jobs will go into the editing queue ahead of those from people who sign up after September 15.

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