Peeve of the Day

Another thing a lot of writers get wrong:  cold.

Film and television writers are particularly bad in this regard, possibly because so many of them live in southern California, where cold is something that you make a day trip to visit and then drive home again.  But they aren’t the only ones.

Cold — true cold — isn’t charming and picturesque.  It’s dangerous and debilitating; it drains your energy and makes you stupid and has no compunction about killing you dead.

A few writers have gotten it right, notably Jack London in “To Build a Fire.” (The fantasy novelist Sean Stewart also got it right, in an elegant homage to London’s work that appears in his novel The Night Watch.)

2 thoughts on “Peeve of the Day

  1. My naval lieutenant who spent all night on one of the outside seats of the mail coach arrived chilled and sore and willing (despite his tight finances) to pay for a hot bath to be brought to his room at the inn. But then, I live in New England (though not as far north as you do) and I’m well acquainted with cold.

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