Where I Was; Where I Am

I was at the Arisia science fiction convention in Boston, land — at the moment — of a myriad hand sanitizer dispensers.  It remains to be seen whether or not I’ve escaped catching the flu, or some lesser variety of con crud.  (Bring people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, into one hotel for a long weekend, and a lot of people are going to go back home with new and exotic colds and other viruses.)

Now I’m back in far northern New England, watching the thermometer drop and still chasing my Zeno’ s tortoise of a novel denouement.

Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll have some cranky and intemperate things to say about dialogue attribution tags and their deployment.  But not tonight.

One thought on “Where I Was; Where I Am

  1. I was there too, and sorry to have missed your reading — I wanted to say hi. I’m also playing the waiting game about the con-crud; most things have a 48-hour incubation period, right? Still, I was running around in Jack Harkness cosplay, and couldn’t resist hugging most of the other Whovians. Looking forward to what you have to say about dialogue tags!

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