What I Did Yesterday

I didn’t post yesterday because I was upgrading my operating system.

I’d picked up the Windows 8 upgrade at the good-until-31-January sale price, which — unlike the regular list price for a Microsoft product — was low enough that I didn’t have to angst and ponder over making the purchase.  I was originally planning to hold off on installing the upgrade until I’d finished all the work on the current novel, but reader, I caved.

Maybe it was my prophylactic efforts at backing up everything in sight before I started, and there’s always the chance that some lurking time bomb will explode and splatter my files all to hell and gone, but so far it appears that the Windows 7 to Windows 8 upgrade process is the fastest and cleanest (and least data-destructive) of any I’ve seen yet.  And I started with Windows 3.1, so that’s been a lot of upgrades.

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