Crass Commercialism for the Win

It’s been a while since the last such post, so I suppose it’s time to remind the kind people who read my blog that in my offline life one of the things I do for a living is provide freelance editorial services.

I work specifically in the area of genre fiction — that is to say, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, historial and alternate-historical fiction, and horror.  Not coincidentally, those are also the fields in which I’ve done most of my own writing.  Genre fiction comes with a different set of reading protocols than standard mimetic realism, and presents some specialized problems in addition to the ones common to fiction of all kinds, and it really helps to have your editor/critiquer  be aware of such things.

So if you’re a writer in one of those fields and you have a book that you’re looking to polish up for submission, or that you’re hoping to self-publish, I can help.  The details, if you want them, can be found by following either the sidebar contact link, or the link up there in the first paragraph.

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