Music to Write By

Some writers need absolute silence in which to write.  This post is not about them.

Other writers like to have some background sound.  Usually, these days, that means music.

Writers who love their background music have a variety of different tastes and requirements.  Some writers prefer orchestral music, finding the intrusion of human voices distracting, while other writers can’t do without their vocalists.    Different time periods appeal to different writers as well.  One writer will have a preference for Baroque concertos, another for heavy metal, a third for show tunes.

I like writing to vocal music with a steady beat —  not surprisingly, there’s a lot of classic rock in my playlists.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “Music to Write By

  1. I prefer to listen to instrumental music. I do find human voices distracting, and more often than once I’ll find myself writing the lyrics instead of the actual story.

  2. I prefer vocal music, but it has to have a strong, steady beat. I use it as a sort of metronome to set the rhythm of my sentences against, and to keep them driving forward.

    I’ll also make different playlists for different projects.

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