Other Voices, Other Rooms

The alert reader will have noticed by now that I quote, from time to time, “another writer — I don’t remember exactly which one.”  This isn’t so much due to absent-mindedness as to the fact that a lot of the people I hang out with, both in person and on the internet, are involved in some way with the writing and publishing trades, and all of them are in the habit of saying and writing clever things.

Generally speaking, if I can’t remember which of them said a particular thing, I look first at what you might call the usual suspects:

  • Sherwood Smith, fantasy novelist extraordinaire, who blogs regularly over at the Book View Cafe.
  • James D. Macdonald (aka Yog Sysop, aka Uncle Jim), who is one of the moderators and front page posters over at Making Light and a moderator and regular poster at Absolute Write.
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden, another member of the Making Light blogging team.
  • All the instructors at Viable Paradise (when you have eight writers and editors and twenty-four students living cheek-by-jowl and laptop-by-netbook for a solid week, a lot of memorable things get said by a confusing number of people.)

If you want to read yet more stuff about writing and publishing, you could do worse than to check out the public online haunts of all of the above people.  They are, without exception, smart, sharp, and insightful.

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