One More Week

If you’re thinking of applying to this year’s Viable Paradise workshop, the doors close at midnight EDT on June 15.

Viable Paradise is a one-week writers’ workshop specifically for science fiction and fantasy writers, held annually on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m one of the instructors there; it’s where I get to do in person what I do long-distance over the internet the rest of the year. And I get to do it in company with other members of the sf and fantasy tribe, which is a great treat for any writer (it’s a solitary business, writing, and most of us live in perpetual danger of turning into crochety hermits.)

In addition to being the home of a great workshop, Martha’s Vineyard also has delicious seafood, bioluminescent jellyfish, lighthouses, and the occasional nor’easter. At one time or another, the workshop has taken advantage of all of them.

So, hey — if you’re an aspiring sf or fantasy writer, and can spare a week in October for intensive work on your craft in the company of like minds, follow the link above and apply.

(And if you can’t spare a week, well, I’m open for business year-round.)

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